We are Specialized for following Hardware Repairs

Diagnosing of Errors

Diagnosing of errors for better use


Display Replacements

Replacement of displays for all types of phone models

Battery Replacements

Checking of the battery or full replacements

Function Keys Repairs

Repairing of such keys for better usage

Speaker Repair

Repairing of speakers for better audio

SIM Slot Repair

Repair or replacement of the unit

Other Repairs

All other repairs for a better usage of the device

I/C Repair

I /C repairs or replacements for all phone models

Charging Issues

Replacement of charging ports

Drop Damage

Repair or Replacement of parts

Water Damage

Many solutions available

Touch Pad Repair

Repair or Replacement of pad

No Display Repair

Many solutions available

Signal Issues

Diagnose error & repair

Power Failures

Diagnose error & repair